Refined Hospitality areas especially for the business world, dedicated hostesses, 5-star catering, convenient parking, assistance services and more.

The stadium experience enables you to live through unique moments from within our lounges: meeting champions from the past to speak to you about a title win, musical entertainment that leads you into the game and a cooking display that makes your stay in a hospitality room even more unique. These are just some of the surprises that we want to bring to our guests during the pre-match at San Siro.


1. What does the Hospitality subscription include?
A hospitality subscription is the combination of a ticket and a catering service depending on the hospitality package purchased.
There are several hospitality packages and they can be purchased by companies or individuals.
2. What can I do with a Hospitality Package?
Packages can be used to invite guests (for example, friends, colleagues, relatives, corporate customers, employees, etc.). It is not allowed to resell the packages, combine them with other products or services and use them for other lucrative purposes.
3. Which matches are included in a Hospitality season ticket?
The Hospitality season ticket includes 23 AC Milan home matches (19 Serie A, 1 Coppa Italia, 3 Champions League). Any further matches of Uefa and Coppa Italia competitions are not included within the season ticket.
4. What is the main difference between a private suite and a lounge?
A private suite is reserved for the client and his guests.
A ticket and / or subscription in one of our lounges gives access to a shared hospitality facility that other customers have access to as well.
5. I already have a ticket for a match, can I purchase access to the Hospitality room?
No, Hospitality cannot be purchased as an upgrade.
1. If an AC Milan match is cancelled, postponed or played behind closed doors, what happens to my Hospitality Package?
You are entitled to a refund of the unplayed game, in the case of an annual subscription the refund of the unused games will take place at the end of the season.
2. What happens in case of reduced stadium capacity?
If your access is not guaranteed due to the stadium's reduced capacity, you will be refunded for the unseen match; in the case of an annual subscription, the reimbursement of unused matches will take place at the end of the season.
3. Am I entitled to a refund of my Hospitality Package if I am Covid-19 positive?
No, you are not entitled to a refund, however you can transfer your hospitality service to your guest.
4. In order to enter the stadium, will I have to be vaccinated against COVID-19, show proof of vaccination, or show proof of a negative test?

Following the entry into force of Decree Law n.24 of March 24, 2022 on "Urgent provisions to overcome the measures to counter the spread of the epidemic from COVID-19, as a result of the termination of the state of emergency", from April 1, 2022, access to the stadium is possible only to subjects with COVID-19 Green Certification - the so-called Green Pass "basic", obtainable by those who

  • has had the vaccination; a new certification is issued with each dose of vaccine: first dose (valid after 15 days), second dose or completion of primary vaccine cycle, booster;
  • has tested negative to a molecular test in the last 72 hours or rapid antigenic test in the previous 48 hours;
  • has been cured of COVID-19 for no more than six months;

However, the Green Pass requirement does not apply to the following categories of persons:

  • Children under 12 years of age;
  • persons exempt for health reasons from vaccination in possession of appropriate medical certification;

At access you must provide a Green Pass with QR CODE: will not be considered valid then all paper certificates that are not equipped with QR Code.

It will not be possible to perform the rapid antigenic or molecular test at the San Siro Stadium.

We also remind you that it is necessary to wear a FFP2 type mask.

5. Can I choose my seat?
Yes, but it may not be possible due to specific Covid 19 protocols.
6. Will all my guests be seated together in the stadium?  
Yes, based on availability. However, please note that "together" doesn't necessarily mean on the same line. Orders can be divided into several overlapping lines, based on the Covid 19 protocol in force.
7. What can I do if one of my guests is on a wheelchair?
Please inform us as soon as possible by contacting your reference account and / or by sending us an email at hospitality@acmilan.com.
1. If I purchase a Hospitality Package, is parking guaranteed?
Based on the hospitality package of reference, you may or may not be entitled to parking.
2. Is it possible to purchase a pass for additional parking?
Yes, you can purchase the parking pass directly on our website www.acmilan.com in the ticketing section, or at the entrance to the car park in Via Achille on the match day.
1. When should I arrive at the stadium?
We recommend arriving well in advance of kick-off to enjoy the experience. There is usually a lot of traffic and public transport is very busy just before the game.
2. Do Hospitality customers have dedicated access to the stadium?
We always try to have dedicated access. However, due to Covid 19 and for logistical reasons, this may not always be possible.
3. What do I need to enter the stadium?
In compliance with current regulations, in order to enter the stadium, you must wear a FFP2 mask or higher, be in possession of valid ID, your ticket and a basic Green Pass.
For all information on the Green Pass, check the government website here https://www.dgc.gov.it/web/ and here https://www.dgc.gov.it/web/faq.html
Without the documentation listed above, access to the stadium will not be allowed and the ticket cannot be refunded.
4. Are children allowed in the Hospitality areas?
Yes, but they must have a valid hospitality ticket.
1. What is the Dress code inside the Hospitality rooms?
There is no mandatory dress code. However, we suggest that you wear smart casual clothing.
2. Can I access the Hospitality area during the interval?
Depending on the hospitality package, you can access or not access the hospitality area during the interval.

1. When can I enter the lounge?
Depending on the hospitality package of reference, it is possible to use the Hospitality service in the pre-match starting two hours before the start of the match.
Some lounges can also be accessed during the break. While it is not possible to stay in the lounges at the kick-off.
2. What should I do if my guests cannot eat certain food for religious, personal or allergic reasons?
All menus on offer will offer a wide variety of dishes and most dietary needs will be taken into account in the design of these menus. All allergens will be clearly indicated in the composition of each dish.
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