Eight weeks of meetings with managers, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals during the lockdown phase.

AC Milan did not stop during "lockdown" and continued to maintain an active relationship with partner firms via a rich series of exclusive digital content.

AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni concluded a series of webinars on sport, society, finance, economics and “smart selling”, which the Club organised in collaboration with partners, such as: Banco BPM, Masterclass, Banca Mediolanum, PwC TLS – Lawyers and Accountants, Il Sole24Ore and 24Ore Business School. The aforementioned programme in recent weeks involved more than 200 businesses and 1,200 participants, among them were managers, directors and entrepreneurs. The programme also saw the involvement of other figures from sport and economics, such as AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli and coach of Olimpia Milano basketball Ettore Messina.


1. I already have a ticket for the game, can I upgrade the ticket for access to a Hospitality room?
No, it is not possible to purchase access to Hospitality as an upgrade.
2. When can I enter the lounge?
All of the products afford the use of the Hospitality services from two hours before the start of the match. It is possible to access some lounges during half time. But it is not possible to enter the lounge at kick-off.
3. Is it possible to purchase a Corporate Hospitality subscription?
Yes, it is possible by contacting hospitality@acmilan.com.
4. Is it possible to purchase a parking pass?
Yes, a parking pass may be purchased directly on our website - www.acmilan.com - in the ticketing section, or at the entrance to the car park on Via Achille on matchday.
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